A Program for the development of high performing leaders and change agents. A Gestalt Systemic approach

por Eugenio Moliní

Development program for high performing leaders and change agents.pdf


After the success of the Genuine Participation workshops I have offered lately, I take the step to offer this program of four workshops. Please see attached PDF for full information.

Development program for high performing leaders and change agents. A Gestalt – Systemic approach.

While organizations follow the logic of results and effectiveness, persons follow the logic of needs and happiness. This creates a tension between organizations and persons that is usually solved in favor of the former and against the latter.

We believe that it is possible to lead organizations in a way that strives for results and organizational effectiveness while at the same times allows each person to search for happiness and satisfy his or her needs.

That’s what this program is about.

The program consists of four two-days workshops, each addressing one of today’s most challenging issues:

· Practicing a vocation. The art of making a living aligning what is meaningful with what is useful. 2011, Nov 29-30

Cruising the multiverse. The art of living and performing in complex environments at home and abroad. 2012, Feb 14-15

· Changing systems. The art of intentionally changing organizations by managing continuity. 2012, May 22-23

· Genuine participation. The art of working together aligning persons, tasks and strategies. 2011, Sept 8-9, AND 2012, Oct 2-3

· Although the workshops can be taken separately, the program is designed as a whole, as each workshop addresses challenges in different levels of system: person, groups, team, organization, culture or complex systems. The workshops can be taken in the order that best suits each participant without any decrease in learning.

Hope you find it interesting.

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